$7.5M Equestrian Property in Alpharetta


Want to see what $7.5M buys you? Click on the image to the left for a peek. However we all know that most people looking for equestrian property have a much smaller budget in play. The majority of equestrian property or horse farms fall into the $1M or less category and for that amount you will usually find many potential properties to choose from. If you are selling you are in the sweet spot.

What can you expect for $1M and less? Well that depends on what is important to you. Are you looking for being close to restaurants or shopping? If so land closer in usually costs more per acre than land in more rural areas. Looking for a certain area due to schools and access to highway system (we all got to work) also will limit your choices. There are so many variables that you think you have decided on until you begin your search and preview properties.

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